Our Services

Services we provide

At Duncan Accountancy Ltd, we provide the following professional services. Some of these services can be fully outsourced to us
for better efficiency and management of your company such as:


We offer the following services to ensure your financial compliance and success:

✓ By providing book-keeping services.
✓ By preparing and filing your statutory accounts.
✓ By preparing your management accounts to include creating budgets, cash flow statements and cash forecast.
✓ By maintaining Account receivables and payables
✓ Reconciliation of Accounting records.

In detail…

✓ For personal tax, we offer advice and assistance with self-assessment returns.
✓ We offer PAYE services to manage your employees’ wages and taxes.
✓ We handle computations and returns for corporation tax.
✓ We offer advice on inheritance tax through planning and file inheritance tax returns.
✓ We provide advice on Capital Gains Tax and file CGT returns.
✓ We handle VAT related matters and offer advice on optimal VAT scheme to use.
✓ We offer tax planning advice to manage tax returns in order to maximize your profit.
✓ We can identify unclaimed capital allowances for commercial properties, which can result in significant tax savings.
✓ We offer stamp duty advice for both commercial and residential properties.
✓ We serve as client’s representative in dealing with HMRC and Companies House.


We provide wide range of Tax services to ensure full compliance with tax laws and HMRC guidance:


Our payroll service includes but not limited to the following:

✓ By preparing monthly staff payroll.
✓ Assist in the selection of the right pension scheme for your needs.
✓ Make your employees’ Pensions Auto Enrolment calculations and deductions.
✓ Advise to ensure compliance with Pension regulations

Business registration

We offer advisory services through offering the following services to your business needs:

✓ Initial business planning/proposal write up, Business registration around review of Memorandum and Articles of Association and
overall set up to get your business started.
✓ Initial business planning/proposal write up.
✓ Business registration around review of Memorandum and Articles of Association and overall set up to get your business started.

✓ We also offer strategic business expansion for existing businesses to break new frontiers through strategic planning, budgeting,
and forecasting to help you achieve your business goals.
✓ Our think tank of specialist assists in generating new and viable business ideas to growing almost moribund businesses.
IT analytic services
✓ We provide IT solutions and analytic services tailored to your business needs in gaining insights and optimize your business
✓ We assist in automating your business operations for operational efficiency.
✓ Training Clients for the use of accounting software including as QuickBooks, Sage, Xero

Strategic Business Expansion

Management Consultancy services

✓ Liaise with internal/external clients in order to analyse business procedures, clarify clients’ requirements and define the scope of
existing software, hardware and network provision.
✓ Undertake feasibility studies for significant IT developments incorporating costs and benefits and present proposals to
✓ Communicate the impact of emerging technologies to manage and advise upon the potential introduction of such technology.
✓ Provide advice and assistance in the procurement, provision, delivery, installation, maintenance and use of IT systems and their
✓ Examine existing business models and flows of data and designs functional specifications and test plans for new systems in
order to meet business needs.
✓ Research, analyse, evaluate and monitor network infrastructure and performance.
✓ Work closely with stakeholders to implement new systems.